Washington, D.C.-based trio SHAED continue to ride the high of their breakout single “Trampoline,” which landed at No. 41 this week on the Billboard Hot 100 ahead of the band’s performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday.

To celebrate, the band’s members put together a playlist for USA TODAY of their favorite songs to play when they’re on the road. 

Lizzo – “Truth Hurts”

This song is just an absolute jam and always pumps us up when we’ve had a long day traveling. Lizzo is unbelievable.

Litany – “Bedroom”

Our newest obsession. I danced to this track for hours in the streets of Tokyo and it will forever be one of my favorite memories.

Kyle Lux – “Rollin’ Stone”

I found this song while scanning Spotify playlists. I was instantly drawn in by the vocals and lyrics. It’s a really beautiful song. 

Charli XCX – “Gone”

Incredible, incredible. I love Christine and the Queens, so this collab gave me so much life. It has an ’80s alternative vibe that I can’t get enough of. P.S: This music video is unreal.

Dominic Fike – “3 Nights”

So much love for this song. It just has a super fun vibe that is unbeatable. It’s so groovy and perfect for walking or dancing through city streets! 

Beyries – “Maman”

I want to cry every time I hear this song. It’s perfect for train rides.

Sunni Colon – “Baby I Don’t Mind”

Ugh! This track is so funky and so smooth! I put this on before shows and it gives me all the feels.

Jade Bird – “What Am I Here For” 

Jade Bird is an icon. Her songs are fierce and powerful, but this track in particular has a beautiful calm. Another tearjerker.

BENEE – “Want Me Back” 

Strong female vocals on point! She is a huge inspiration and this song is one of my favorites from her. Such an inspiration.

Lennon Stella – “Like Everybody Else” (Acoustic)

The smokiness in Stella’s voice is unique. I tend to fall head over heels for melodies and this is one is special, especially when you hear it in the acoustic version.

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